Ayrton Saunders

Ayrton Saunders

Ayrton Saunders was founded in Liverpool in 1868 by Mr. A.H. Saunders, a partner in a London Pharmaceutical Wholesale House and Dr. F. Ayrton, a former deputy Coroner for Liverpool. Although Dr. Ayrton’s name remains in the title, he sold his shares 10 years after founding the company due to health issues. After his death in 1889, A.H. Saunders’ two sons continued to carry on their father’s business and vision based on quality and innovation. Since its establishment, Ayrton Saunders received much praise for continuously improving itself, its products and its dedication to being a modern, customer focused company.

After years of successful operation, restructuring, challenges and development, Ayrton Saunders was bought in 1997 by Mr. G.F. O’Brien of Liverpool, who owns a chain of retail chemist shops. Almost 150 years since Ayrton Saunders was founded, we are further building our future based on our rich heritage and solid values. By continuing the path to being an innovative pharmaceutical company that our founders paved, we are striving to fulfil the evolving needs of our patients as well as other clients.

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Ayrton Saunders consists of 3 integral and essential parts: