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Ayrton Saunders is investing and collaborating in the development of new and existing products for speciality, niche and novel opportunities, as well as high value generics for new markets. The focus is on developing excellent aerosol products, both liquid and powder, for oral inhalation, nasal, topical and oro-mucosal delivery for the treatment of respiratory, wound/skin, cardiac and other conditions.

Ayrtons is leveraging its market know-how and commercial experience together with the development, manufacturing and financial resources of OBG to develop, supply and commercialise high quality, affordable aerosol products and other speciality products for better patient care and stakeholder value.


With its extensive partner network and open approach to collaboration, Ayrtons is working on internal company initiatives and joint projects with partners involving device, formulation and manufacturing technologies and clinical and regulatory strategies to bring new products to market.

Ayrtons is open to discuss in- and out-licensing opportunities and co-development ventures for new and part-developed products, as well as for near-market and existing products.